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DJ 106 Facts

No two brides and grooms are the same. No two entertainers are the same. If your entertainer doesn't meet with you, they won't know how to make your day perfect? We would be more than happy to me with you at your convenience.


DJ 106 is dedicated to providing the highest quality entertainment to our clients. We devote our time, effort, and expertise to ensure that your event will not only be memorable, but breathtaking!

Top reasons to get a DJ for your event. (From a slightly biased perspective!)

10. Any song, any artist

9. All music styles

8. More efficient stage area

7. DJ can play dinner, cocktail and dance music

6. No breaks

5. Better volume control

4. Greater musical value

3. Two words, "Electric Slide"

2. DJ can please more guests

1. Built in Master of Ceremonies & Icebreaker

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