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What To Look For

Here's a few things to look for when hiring a DJ. If you have any questions, or need help, give us a call.


Can your DJ provide you with references?
Pay close attention that the references you receive are for the type of party you are having. It's not helpful to get birthday party references if you are planning a wedding. DJ 106 can provide references for many types of events, from night clubs to weddings.

Years in Business

How many years has your DJ been in business?
Jonathan Flores, DJ 106, has 5 years experience. He DJ's for himself as DJ 106, He personally performs at events throughout the year.

Number of DJ's in Company

Safety in numbers?
Not necessarily! Sometimes companies with large numbers of DJ's are not able to provide each DJ with a complete set of selections. Also, some DJ companies advertise "combined experience levels." Be sure to find out the experience level of the DJ who will be performing at your function. It's perfectly acceptable to ask to meet the DJ who will be performing. If you book with DJ 106, you will be entertained by the owner of the company -- someone who wants to be sure your day is perfect!

How Will Your DJ Look?

What will the DJ wear? What does the equipment look like?
At DJ 106 we are sure to cover this subject when we book your event. In fact, it is one of many preferences we will determine when we customize our plans for your event. DJ 106 dresses according to the affair. His attire ranges from a tuxedo to a costume, depending on what you feel is appropriate. Our equipment is always attractive and in good working order.

Music Selection

Does your DJ provide a variety of music? Does your DJ take requests?
At DJ 106 we have a large selection of music. We have music ranging from the 40's to the 00's, from big band to hip-hop. If you are looking for a variety of music, beware of the DJ who specializes in one or two areas only. If you are looking for a certain kind of music, be sure your DJ has a large selection of your preference.
DJ 106 brings many CDs, and a computer full of music to every event so that he is assured of getting your guests on the floor and having a good time. To keep current on what's "hot", we subscribe to services that provide us with the lastest mainstream and country music being played.

Other considerations: Does the DJ provide a list? Will he/she take requests?

We at DJ 106 are always happy to take requests from your guests. However, if you as the host, would prefer that we not take requests, that is a preference we can easily comply with.


Be sure that you and your DJ are in complete agreement as to expectations. Also, one of the occasional horror stories occurs when the DJ backs out at the last minute for another show. Be sure that your contract ensures your DJ to be responsible for hiring his replacement should he be unable to perform.

Deposits and Pricing

When shopping for prices, be sure to ask if there is a charge for mileage, or if you will incur surcharges for peak seasons (wedding, Christmas). Pricing is not as critical as you might think. Just because you paid a lot for a DJ service doesn't mean that they are any good. Find out if your DJ requires a deposit, and if it is refundable. DJ 106 is not a franchised DJ service where commissions and markups push prices upward. You will receive a quality DJ performance for a price that beats most of the local competition. You are entertained by the OWNER of the company and we guarantee that you will be pleased.